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 Unity Progressives Lenses - "One size fit all glasses"

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Unity Progressives Lenses - "One size fit all glasses"   Wed May 10, 2017 9:09 pm

Not Your Mama’s Progressives

By Ericka So on April 26, 2017

Progressive lenses are kind of like the Swiss Army knife of glasses. They have multiple uses, helping you see near, far, and in-between, all without you ever needing to put on another pair of glasses. While convenient for those who need them, they get a bad rap for being difficult to adjust to even causing people to feel dizzy or nauseous the first time they try them on.

Scour the internet on wearing progressive lenses and most websites will tell you, “be patient” or “it takes time.” But we live in an on-demand world, and who has time to wait around for their eyes and glasses to get their act together? You’d think after all these years, someone would have figured out how to solve this problem. The good news, someone has.

VSP Optics Group works with eyecare professionals just like yours to make sure you’re getting exactly the lens you need. The latest lens they just released, uses today’s most advanced technology to come up with the perfect pair of lenses customized specifically for you. And there’s… wait for it… no adjustment period! Instead of forcing your eyes to adapt to the len’s design, the lens is designed to follow your eyes’ natural movement.

Linda Fostinis was one of the first patients to test out Unity progressives lenses. As a teacher she has to look at her students, the whiteboard, and the tiny print on textbooks. So she needs her progressives to work immediately. For years, she struggled with dizziness and constantly having to adjust her glasses.

“I feel very comfortable. My eyes don’t feel like they’re straining, and I don’t feel that pull on my eyes trying to make them look up and down, the waviness, I’m not experiencing that right now at all,” Linda said the moment she put on her new pair of progressive lens glasses.

How do they do it? The innovation is the result of intelligent design software that takes into consideration a person’s prescription along with the way their frame fits. This information is then used to create the most optimized progressive lens to give you an effortless vision experience from the minute you put them on.

So say goodbye to those “vintage” progressives, because it’s time for an upgrade. Talk to your VSP-network doctor about whether Unity Progressive Lenses are a good fit for you. And don’t forget, VSP members save up to 50% on Unity Progressive Lenses*.

*Savings based on doctor’s retail price and vary by plan and purchase selection; average savings determined after benefits are applied. Available only through VSP doctors to VSP members with applicable plan benefits. Ask your VSP doctor for details.

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Unity Progressives Lenses - "One size fit all glasses"
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